CandlesThe Tealight Counselling Service is currently being established as an outreach project of Tealight Ministries, which is a London-based voluntary organisation.

The aim of Tealight Counselling is to help people overcome obstacles to their personal growth, health, and happiness, and in so doing to influence the lives of individuals and the development of UK society in a positive way.

Our Motivation

Concerned about the prevalence of violent crime and other antisocial behaviour in London, as well as the pressing demands upon the NHS mental health system, we felt there was a real need to take action to help address some of the psychological problems that have contributed to a great deal of suffering and mental ill-health in our capital city in recent times.

Our Approach to Counselling

At Tealight Counselling, we aim to facilitate discussions around matters of philosophy (such as morality, truth, and justice) and theology (such as interfaith matters, prayer, and doctrine) in order to help people to explore the whole scope of human experience in a way that can potentially lead to fresh insights and healing.

As well as this ‘wisdom-based’ approach to counselling, we also employ more traditional methods of therapy, including body psychotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy, and many others. We aim to have a team of counsellors with diverse experience in order to give us the best chance of matching therapists and clients effectively.

All of our therapists must agree to a code of professional conduct for the purpose of ensuring both clients and therapists feel safe and supported. We encourage prospective clients to be selective in relation to which counsellor they work with, and regular reviews aim to ensure no one becomes trapped in an unhealthy client / counsellor relationship.

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