This page mentions books which have either been written by Tealight counsellors, or have influenced their approach to counselling. Books can be such a powerful influence on our lives, and our hope is that this page will help prospective clients to get some idea of the experience and interests of each particular therapist, as well as providing some exciting suggestions for further reading.

Steven Colborne (Director, Tealight Ministries)

Steven Colborne holding God's Grand Game

Books written by Steven:
God’s Grand Game: Divine Sovereignty and the Cosmic Playground
The God Articles
A Collection of Essays by Steven Colborne
Philosophical Theology

Five books that have influenced Steven:
The Bible
The Qur’an
Be As You Are (by Sri Ramana Maharshi)
The Story of Philosophy (by Bryan Magee)
Neuroscience and Philosophy (by Bennett, Dennett, Hacker, and Searle)